ICT Authority Accreditation System

1. Supplier/Company Accreditation Requirements

The following documents are required during Accreditation
  1. Company profile
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Companies act/ permit
  4. KRA compliance certificate
  5. CVs , IT related university certificate, project management certificate national id copies and KRA pin for all of all directors
  6. CVs, IT related degree, professional certifications, certification in project management for all technical staff
  7. Past LPOs and Recommendation Letters
  8. Recent bank statement from the last financial year together with the audited accounts of the same
  9. Partnership certificates if any

There are 8 categories for Supplier/Company Accreditation. Click Here to see the prerequisites for each.

2. Professional Accreditation Requirements

The following are the different professional accreditations and their requirements
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#Accreditation CategoryDescription / Requirements
1ICT GraduateGraduate certificate in ICT/Engineering related field from accredited institution of higher learning
2ICT PractitionerProof to show that the applicant has been practicing ICT either through employment or private engagement for at least 2 years.
3ICT ProfessionalGraduate certificate in ICT/Engineering related field from accredited institution of Higher learning or A Copy of the Registration Certificate for either ICT Graduate/Practitioner from ICTA.
Professional Certificate in the specific area from recognized institution by ICTA/government body
Letters of reference from employer(s) covering the previous two years confirming professional integrity
Statements of two referees detailing their knowledge of the applicant.
4ICT TechnicianDiploma certificate in ICT/Engineering related field from accredited institution of learning; or Diploma certificate in any field from accredited institution of learning with proof of two experience practicing ICT;

Click Here for Code of professional conduct

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For detailed information on accreditation refer to the IT Governance Standard Appendix 33 and 34